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Call Flat Roof New York at 516-200-3043 Today!  We are a Licensed, Insured and Certified Roofing Company located on Long Island New York serving Flat Roofs. We have been servicing the Nassau County, Suffolk County, Manhattan, Queens, and the Hamptons for over 30 years for all size roofing projects.  Even in this down economy, we continue to prove our outstanding service and support with major clients such as Applebees, Old Navy, CVS Pharmacy, Verizon, Rite Aid and Property Management Companies.  Our Roofing Teams are working daily on landlord owned strip stores and shopping centers.  We handle your roofing issues so you don't have to! Contact us today at 516-200-3043 .

We are Professional Certified Roofing Installers you can trust! We have been roofers for over 30 years and we will be here for another 30 more! It's important to know that when installing a new roof, because we will be here to provide the service for you down the road.  If you have an Emergency, please call us.

We install TPO, EPDM, Rubber systems, Hot Tar, etc and will warranty the work for 10-20 years. We are certified with Gaf Commercial, and Firestone Roofing We will see your roofing project through from start to finish. We are the kings of commercial roofing, so send us your plans and we will get it done! Call Flat Roof New York today!

Commercial Flat Roofing on Long Island
Manhattan, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut
Commercial Flat Roofing NYIs your Flat Roof leaking?  Call Flat Roof NY Today to repair issues with your Commercial Roofing System.  We are licensed and Insured to work on your commercial building and have the proper insurance coverage for ROOFING that most roofing companies do not have. 

We are certified installers of GAF and Firestone Roofing Products and guarantee our work with a warranty from the manufacture.  Our manufacturer will come and inspect the roof once installed and sign off on a 20 year warranty as well.  We work hand and hand with Property Management Companies servicing a large portfolio of buildings across NY, NJ and CT.  If your building has a Roof or Needs a Roof, we are the company to call. 

Your customers will always be satisfied with the professional and courteous and attention to detail that our employees display.  We are very experienced and have been installing all types of flat roofing for over 30 years.  We have the ability to do private jobs as well as prevailing wage roofing projects. 

We will help you to get your project done within the budget you have for your roof. If it's possible we will do it!  Whether big or small, Flat Roof New York can handle all of your commercial flat roofing needs, from small leaks to a brand new Flat Roofing System. We are the contractors to call for any roofing jobs on Long Island.

New Roof Installation on Long Island
Manhattan, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut
Do you know for sure you need a new roof?  Contact Flat Roof New York today for a quote!  We have over 30 years in the roofing business and will provide professional guaranteed work for years to come.  Make sure you have professional certified roofers with proper insurance coverage before letting them on your property!  Call Flat Roof New York Today!

Residential Roofing on Long Island
Manhattan, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut
We partnered up with New Roof Long Island to service all shingle residential roofing projects so that we can concentrate on Flat Roofing in New York.  Visit for service!

Flat Roof Maintenance on Long Island
Manhattan, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Although some roof systems take less maintenance than others, all roof systems should be checked periodically to be sure that they are free of debris and your drains are clear. You should have your roof inspected 2 times a year.

Flat Roof Repairs on Long Island
Manhattan, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Repairing a flat roof is not an easy task.  You have to find the actual cause of the leak before being able to fix it.  Sometimes the leak is not obvious and it takes a skilled roofing mechanic to identify the problem the first time.  We guarantee we will find it and fix it!  Have Flat Roof NY inspect and fix your Flat Roof today!

Emergency Roof Repair and Service on Long Island
Manhattan, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

We have an emergency response team that are available for all your emergency roofing needs.  A roof leak is something that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.  The longer you wait to fix your leaking roof, the more money you will have to spend on repairs.  Landlords, partner up with Flat Roof New York for all your roofing needs.  We have warranty programs available to help you and your tenants.

We have over 30 years of Flat Roofing Repair Experience.  We can fix any of your roofing issues.  Contact Flat Roof NY Today!

We travel across Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens, New York, Manhattan, New Jersey and Connecticut installing new roofs and fixing old leaking roofs.

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